Donburi Dish:
Donburi refers to a rice bowl covered with any kind of meat, vegetables, eggs or fish.

History of Donburi Dish:

Donburi started to appear in the Edo era (1603–1867) in Japan. The first donburi dish was unagi (eel) don. In unagi don, a broiled eel was put on a cooked bowl of rice. In this period the dish was meant to be eaten while attending the theater. Since the meal was very easy to prepare and tasted good, it was very quick to spread and became quite popular.
Today, dishes such as "Oyakodon," "Tendon," and "Gyuudon" are the familiar styles of the donburi dish. These donburi dishes became popular after the Meiji era (1868 – 1912) in Japan.

In this page, we will introduce the Oyakodon dish. The name Oyakodon is derived from Chicken and Egg. In Japanese, "Oya" means Parent, and "Ko" means Children. In this dish "Oya" is the chicken and "Ko" is the egg.

Enjoy the Japanese home cooking!


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